It's the final countdown .. to the NRHA Derby!

May is officially here which means the NRHA Derby will be here shortly!

This month's double point activity is going to have a little twist! The activity will be spreading the word, however instead of giving a presentation to people about reining it will be through social media shares.

The How To:
1. Share any NRHA or NRHyA post about the 2019 NRHA Derby on Facebook or Instagram.
2. Screenshot your "share" and upload it as the document in the activity
3. Submit it under: Spreading the Word

Tip: Be sure to fill out the rest of the submission as best as you can!

Don't forget!! Entries for the CINCH Speaking Contest and NRHyA Art & Photo Contest are due June 1. Entry forms can be found at

Please remember to have a current NRHyA membership to be a VRC member and receive points!