• Use a variety of angles.
  • Pay attention to lighting.
  • Keep a steady hand.
  • Use natural framing (trees, fences & alleyways) to frame your subject.


  • 10 points will be awarded for each photo. You must be able to describe the picture, why you took it and what equipment was used to take the photo.


  • You cannot submit multiple photos of the same subject, doing a similar thing, on the same day.
  • You cannot submit the same shot every day. (Ex. Your horse tied or grazing)
  • No self-portraits or pictures of pictures.
  • 1 photo per submission.
  • Pictures must be in focus.
  • If submitting a series of photos, there must be a clear difference between each photo.
  • Photos may be selected from time to time to appear in the NRHA Reiner, please indicate if you would not like us to showcase your photography.
  • Photo MUST be submitted within 30 days of original taking.